Peter Feely, Director of Room Operations, UK Task Force, Marriott Hotels

“When we embarked on a programme to replace the beds and bed linen within the guest rooms across our UK estate, we sought partners who would see themselves not just as suppliers but as colleagues that would become part of the team. I’m delighted to say that working with Cliq Designs has exceeded all our expectations. The company proactively supported us with design choices, sourcing options on fabrics and finishes. They also made sure that the ranges that they selected were both fit for purpose and within budget – two vital aspects that underlined their ability to understand our needs. The team members at Cliq were always prepared to go the extra mile – frequently taking this literally by visiting individual hotels to ensure that the design and fabric options met each property’s unique requirements. Cliq have also been committed to effective communication; they worked closely both with our project task force and with hotels directly to ensure that the often complex logistical hurdles of a programme like this were overcome. In summary, it’s been a pleasure to work with Cliq Designs, and I’d have no hesitation in recommending them to others in the industry.”